It’s freedom

This program is free and open source. It’s easy to suggest and implement new features.

It’s science

Half a year of research flowed into the development. Have a look at the accompanied bachelor thesis (German), graded A+ and written at the University of Oldenburg.

It’s mighty

The author has used many time management programs over the last four years. When the number of tasks grew, a neat system like Getting Things Done became essential. Therefore the development of TreeNote was influenced by powerful tools like Omnifocus (Mac only) and Org mode (too complex). However, TreeNote is as intuitive to use as the light tools Wunderlist and Evernote.

When starting TreeNote for the first time, you will see a detailed manual which guides you through the features.

Project status (November 2016)

Me and couple of friends are using Treenote on a daily basis. I continually added features and streamlined the user interface for the last year. The next year I will write my master thesis. During that time I will do important bug fixes only. After that, I will be happy to polish TreeNote so it can be spread.

In my master thesis, I will develop an online outliner, so to speak TreeNote as a website but for collaborative outlining instead of personal task management. Like the great WorkFlowy, but open source, with offline editing and simultaneous editing with other users. Furthermore, I would love to connect TreeNote to it, so subtrees can be edited by your friends without installing TreeNote.

November 2017:

TreeNote is still a great piece of software in my everyday life. My master thesis is almost finished.